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Welcome to plugin.fm — a place for bootstrappers, makers, and entrepreneurs who see their passion as so much more than just careers.

Brought to you by Freemius, this value-first podcast aims to inspire, entertain, and educate indie developers and software product makers by diving into discussions with industry experts. In each episode, we’ll explore their perspectives and firsthand learnings to share actionable tips and insights to help you launch and grow your software product business.

Welcome to plugin.fm 👋

Our ‘Why’

We want to give back to the makers’ community in a significant way. Drawing upon the extensive experience and deep understanding of successful product creators means we can provide practical insights that can be applied to any digital product business.

Plug in now and start succeeding in your business journey 🎧

Meet Our Host — Patrick Rauland

From holding various eCommerce positions to authoring web tutorials for website owners and developers, plugin.fm host and all-around energetic guy Patrick Rauland has some serious credentials. 

He’s a definite DO-er with a strong hands-on background in eCommerce and software product marketing who’s able to steer conversations expertly, all while injecting them with his own informed tips, practices, and infectious brand of enthusiasm.

We knew Patrick was the man for the job from the start, and his expertise and industry experience make each and every interview that much more enriching.

Brought to You by Freemius

plugin.fm is proudly brought to you by Freemius, an all-in-one eCommerce partner for selling software, plugins, themes, and SaaS. We’re passionate about partnering with solopreneurs and SMEs and seeing them succeed. We believe in upliftment through shared knowledge and it’s one of the primary reasons we created plugin.fm.

If you’re struggling to grow your software product revenue and looking for advice, email [email protected] and let’s chat 🤠

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