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Rand Fishkin is an instantly recognizable name in the world of search engine optimization (SEO) and educational marketing. He wears many hats (or crowns) including entrepreneur, creator, and co-founder of two successful startups: Moz (a $45 million/year business) and SparkToro. He also authored and released Lost and Founder, a personal memoir chronicling the trials and tribulations of his startup journey. Rand shares his educational marketing, AI, and SEO tips for entrepreneurs in 2024.

From WordPress to YouTube Stardom: Jamie Marsland’s Journey of Growing an Audience and Building a Brand

Jamie Marsland is a WordPress plugin creator, educator, and YouTube star who knows a thing or two about building a brand and growing an audience. He founded Pootlepress in 2010 and went on to grow his YouTube channel from zero to 11k subscribers in less than three years by uploading free, high-quality tutorial-style videos every week. In this episode, Jamie explains how his YouTube endeavor has grown his business and helped to establish him as an authority in the Gutenberg era.

From Great Idea to Greater Brand: Hadas Golzaker on Why Product Makers Have to Keep Branding in Mind

Hadas Golzaker is a Senior Brand Manager at Elementor. She has more than a decade of experience in branding, with expertise in UI, UX, and web design. Elementor underwent a major rebranding with help and direction from an external agency in 2021, and Hadas played a key role in telling the company’s story. In this episode, Hadas explains why product makers need to consider branding — from the early stages of a product idea, all the way through to market fit, launch, and growth.

Techies Need Marketers: Devin Walker and Matt Cromwell on the Power of Partnerships to Build Successful Startups

Software product builder Devin Walker and marketing and entrepreneurship expert Matt Cromwell are co-founders of GiveWP, a platform that helps non-profits and individuals collect donations from their websites. After realizing that he was struggling to grow the company by himself, Devin partnered with Matt to leverage his business and marketing acumen. In this episode, they discuss how effective partnerships between technical founders and marketers can aid the process of growing successful startups.