• How Technical Founders Can Build Thriving and Fruitful Company Cultures in Remote Organizations

    James Laws is a non-technical co-founder of Ninja Forms, and his company Saturday Drive has grown into a multi-million dollar operation with 20+ globally distributed members. But more than that, James is a passionate leadership and culture-building coach, podcaster, and blogger. In this episode, we get his insights on how remote teams can overcome company…

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  • Growth Hacking on a Budget: Rob Hope on Stretching Limited Resources for Maximum Growth

    As a web designer and solopreneur from South Africa, Rob Hope is no stranger to making the most of limited resources. In this episode, he reveals the creative, budget-friendly growth hacking tips he uses to launch and distribute new products, overcome inevitable dips in revenue, and scale his business Love Curated.

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  • Collaboration Unleashed: Exploring the Impact of Mastermind Groups with Katie Keith

    Barn2 Plugins co-founder and CEO Katie Keith has managed to establish herself as an authority in business development and marketing. In 2019, she got offered a seat at the table of a mastermind group — a collective of individuals who help each other solve business challenges and problems by sharing input and advice. In this…

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  • Welcome to plugin.fm 👋

    In this punchy intro episode, Vova Feldman, trailblazing founder & CEO of Freemius, sets the stage. Get ready for a mission-driven podcast with a killer structure, packed with enriching conversation topics and an unbeatable lineup for Season I. Plug in now!

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